“bobo no go die…”

If you’re old enough then ofcourse you can complete that line. It came to me while i was in the shower. By shower, i do mean shower, not a bucket and a scooping bowl. Ok, moving on.
So, i was in the shower(said it again, *wink) and i suddenly recalled that song. i began to sing it but then paused and thought about the lyrics. The singer, a woman, was one considered as one of the biggest in the Juju music scene. i’m not taking that fact from her. As a matter of fact, i’m not taking anything off her. But you know me, i like to stick my nose in matter “da dinor consain me”.

She said that line a lot of times during the course of the song and as a kid then i watched adults dance to it. It was a hit, people loved it. But i doubt if anyone actually thought about it. Maybe a few. i didn’t see anything wrong with the lyrics though. Not until now.

What did it mean? ‘bobo no go die unless to ba darugbo’.

Was it a prayer or just a nice line to use? Whichever, it worked cos a lot of folks loved it. But i just don’t get the song. Doesn’t make any meaning to me. Maybe she was praying that the ‘bobo’ would live to an old ripe age. A life without new and deadly diseases that cost a fortune to cure. A life without aircrashes, road accidents. A life without Boko haram. A life that won’t be cut short by an overzealous okada man or trigger-happy police officer.
Oh, maybe that’s it then! Ok, i rest my case.
But i doubt if anyone can sing that song now and believe it.


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