where’s the ‘P’?

On the island the other day where i was going for a ‘none of your business’, i studied most of the buildings i passed even when the vehicle was on medium speed, like i’ve done several times before. I’m curious like that. So, to sides and up to the top of buildings i pried, looking for something, any something, just for my mind to get off the pain of boarding the wrong car. (Story for another day). Anyway, as i let my eyes, and sometimes the entire upper part of my body do the necessary adjustments to see all i could within a short time, i caught sight of that.

It got me thinking, just as everything else does, when the ‘P’ in PHCN is missing from the top of the main building of a company who’s duty it is to generate and distribute power, PHCN also being their name, without them being bothered about fixing it up, how then or why do we expect power in this country?

How did the ‘P’ come off? Why not another letter? Maybe a group of fun-seeking nepa staff pulled it down. Maybe mother nature used one of her elements to pull it down to pass a message. Yea, i think like that.
Or maybe, just maybe they the “nepa people” are subconsiously telling us something, “they don’t give power, they hold it”.

Initially, when the name was changed from NEPA to PHCN, a lot of people said they’re there to withhold the power not supply it. They’re probably admitting that now. There isn’t even any power to hold in the first place. Their offices run on generators don’t they?

What was that promise again, 10,000MW?! We got above 4,000MW for while and now its dropped to around 2,000MW!
They use around 5,000MW to power trees during christmas in the United States!
Now i’m home, no ‘light’. i’m forced to use the internet to keep busy. Don’t want to to turn on the gen, if i do i won’t want to put it off till it goes off by itself. If i keep doing that wallet will scream blue murder.

It all boils down to one thing, this country needs a ministry of common sense.


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