iphone facts

If not for the ‘bb’ madness going on at the moment which makes me confused as to which phone company is taking the lead. i would’ve started this piece with ‘everyone loves the iphone’. Anyway, here are one or two things you didn’t know about that apple product. Its way more than ‘one or two’ though.

1.) The first iphone was invented in 1983!: it was a land line phone with an in-built stylus, not a touchscreen.

Didn’t look like the iphone of today but you could see the similarity. It was never released.

2.) The ‘artistes’ icon on an iphone or ipad is that of Bono, the lead singer of U2: in 2004, Bono had really close ties with Apple. His band filmed an ipod commercial, they had a 400 track discography featured in the first itunes ‘digital box set’.

Like many nigerians though, the band then moved to form partnership with blackberry. But you can still see Bono’s likeness on your igadgets.

3.) Iphones can survive a fall of over thirteen thousand feet!: Get this, a skydiver lost his phone as he jumped of a plane at 13,000ft. Using a GPS tracker he was able to find his phone ontop of a building, though the screen was cracked but he was able to answer calls on the phone! Wow, iphones are sturdy! Who wants to play a game?….

4.) All advertisement on the iphone show a time of 9:42am. : reason being that whenever Apple releases a new product they like to have the revelation occur 40mins into the presentation.

Therefore the images on screen show a time of 9:40 plus a minute or two extra because of African time. Just kidding!
The ipad Ads all show a time of 9:41

5.) Ever heard of Cydia? If your iphone has been jailbroken, then yes, you do know about Cydia. Do you know Cydia is also the name of a real life apple worm? For those who don’t know, jailbreaking is the term given to hacking of a device such as the iphone or ipad mainly to extend its capabilities to its fullest potential.


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