of Humans With Tails

About 40 cases of humans with tails have been reported according to a study by the People’s Journal of Scientific Research.

There’s a case of a 12-year-old boy worshiped as a living god in India. The boy in Chandigarh, India, has what looks like a 7-inch tail sticking out of his bu….back.

Arshid Ali Khan is worshiped as the living incarnation of the Hindu monkey god Hanuman, and has faithful followers who refer to him as ‘Balaji

Wow, to be worshiped?! i wish i had a tail..wait, i take that back!
Doctors say (and Doctors have an explanation for everything) that the appendage is actually meningocele, a rare form of spina bifida that causes the spine to grow abnormally.

Although medical experts believe Khan should have the “tail” removed because he risks further medical problems, he is philosophically opposed to it.

Of course he would.

I love my tail. It’s a gift from God. It’s unusual, but people respect me and bow before me because of it, I feel special.” he said.
See! Who doesn’t want to be worshiped?

Dr. Scott Meyer, a member of the neuro-spine team at Morristown Medical Center in New Jersey, said meningocele can be associated with a tuft of hair in the lower back.

“The combination of a membranous sac with a tuft of hair could certainly produce a likeness to a monkey’s tail,”

Its a freaking tail!!

He recommends people who have meningocele have surgery to put the “tail” back into the body because of an increased risk of infection.

Or they can just keep it and be worshiped.

Meyer added that the condition has been reduced by 50 percent in North America thanks to programs that “support folic acid supplementation during pregnancy.”
Awww, no thanks to programs that have reduced the number of gods that would’ve been living amongst us.

Do you have a tail? Check well o.


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