Popular Yoruba actress spotted taking a prayer bath in a stream

Nollywood is froth with juju, dibia and other ritual scenes. There’s hardly any movie you decide to see that doesn’t depict atleast one of these. One wonders why it is necessary. Though, a lot of people do seek ‘help’ from such avenues including rich and popular people not just the poor desperate ones.

The fetish practices we see in Nollywood movies doesn’t stop on screen, apparently it carries on in the day to day living of the actors themselves. That not being a particularly shocking discovery. What is a fact is that i saw with my very eyes, a popular very endowed yoruba actress being given a bath by a rather young prophet in the stream beside his white garment church in broad daylight! i’m talking around noon. The church, a very small one, is located at the road adjoining the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway popularly known as Bible College road. The spiritual head of the church, a woman, died some years back leaving her son to oversee the affairs of the church. It was him, the prophet who was wearing jeans rolled up to the knee that was doing the honour of bathing for our pretty actress lady who was wearing only her… well, she wore her birthday suit.
Its a very common sight in that area. So much so that passers by and motorists alike tend to look that direction whenever crossing the bridge, including myself whenever i have to follow that route just to see the new man or woman who has been coerced to give up their dignity. So yes, quite a number of people must’ve sighted her given that all one needs to do is look left or right(depending on what direction of the bridge you’re facing) at the spot between the bamboo trees and you won’t miss it.
i confirmed it was her when on my way back i saw the lady (ofcourse already dressed) hurriedly cross the road heading towards a parked Honda Element with the door already open. Her body still wet and her hair unkept. Her hurry also created a mild scene. There was no mistaken as her body structure is one few yoruba movie lovers or watchers would fail to recognise. She moved to the back seat immidiately and if not for the tinted glass, a good pic would be in my archive.

Note that it wasn’t a location for a movie scene, there were no cameras (except mine though). And i’m not looking for traffic to my blog either. I’m making a conscious effort not reveal her identity as tempting as it is. And that’s why you haven’t seen any pictures yet.
And yes, you want proof but i’m not out to ruin anyone’s career or life. Just felt it necessary to post. Moving on.

There was a bulky man with her, couldn’t tell if he was a friend, colleague or family.

i got to my destination and got another confirmation from someone else who passed that same route earlier, she said she saw her wearing a white wrapper as at then. it was her indeed.

Why she or they thought she would go unnoticed still beats me. Why they chose that time beats me even harder. Yoruba movies are very popular, if she thought she was little known then her recent wedding made her a bit more popular. And NO, it aint Funke Akindele!

Big question is What did she go there for? Protection from the circumstances sorrounding her marriage? More roles? As it appears that her relevance in movies has dwindled. Is it children she needs? Or maybe she needed fortification for a role in a new movie that is not for the weak?


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