My heart aches with pain! My mind is troubled about the veil of ignorance that has clouded our representatives at the upper chamber. What is the rationale for the recent passing? The glorification of early marriage!? What is the fate of the girl child in this country? How long are we going to let our eyes behold the girl child fade away with her potentials because of the selfish interests of some people? Must the woman in the girl be allowed to die without actuality of her full potentials?
Can the nation survive when the girl child has been robbed of her free will and forcefully ejected from family and into the arms of man who parades himself as a lover, but who in actual fact, is a robber of a great destiny?

The girls are in a process of growth, they’re NOT ready to be Brides!
What is this madness in our fatherland Nigeria? What is the rationale for the review that is dehumanising to the girl child, a review that relegates her to a corner like a slave? Is this Islam? Can we call it Apostolic Exultation? Of course NO! Then why the legalisation of paedophilia?
Female feticide and infantricide is not the only issue with a girl child in Nigeria. At every stage of life she is discriminated and neglected for basic nutrition, education and living standard.

During childhood, her brother was loaded with new shoes, clothes and books to learn while she was given a broom, a wiper and a place in the kitchen with lots of tears. In her teenage, she missed tasty delicious food to eat and got only the crumbs. During her college days, she was forced to get married, a stage where illiteracy, lack of education resulted in high fertility rate, aggravating the condition of the female folk in the country. Again if this female gives birth to a girl child, the journey begins once again. She missed all the rosy parts of life and was finally fitted to a graveyard. That’s where she got peace of mind.
What a chain of pain! What on earth is my gain? Hmmm. So sad! A pity! My heart is with much pain.  I am a girl not a mother, i shouldn’t bear children, not now, for my womb is not ripe, I am not to be caged by birth for being a girl child.
My heart is pure, clear, fragile, growing not grown. I am to be guided by my family shield, because I am a child, why then should I be my father’s wife. Why do I have a father I ask?
Are we progressive at all in this country? I can’t imagine the laws of the land would have to suit us all in disguise of religion when we know irrespective of ethnicity and religious fanaticism the constitution supersedes every other ideology.
The girl child is the society’s treasure, therein our lives are recreated and re-integrated. She needs succour, solace, protection, guidiance, education and above all, real love.
If this amendment stands then we should all stand aside and watch our future fade away. This is because the WOMAN will eventually die in the GIRL. That would be a tragedy!

A house that should enact laws that would put an end to incessant killings, corruption, disasters, bad leadership, abandoned projects, and terrorism is a house that decides it would like to see little girls married off.
We can not pretend as though all is well in this country! Let us join hands and say NO to the dehumanising situation of the girl child. The WOMAN must NOT DIE IN THE GIRL. Her potentials cry to be exploited for positive use in this generation.

Let us give our girl child hope to face the future. Sure, she can! I believe in Her!
That is the task at hand!
It is a clarion call to save the Girl. Together We can.

If we collectively Save The Girl The Woman will be saved!

Jessica Opute is the CEO, The Potential Threes – The Girl, The Lady, The Woman

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