The Potential Threes: for the love of the girl child

ThePotentialThrees: The Girl, The Lady, The Woman!

Somewhere in Ilupeju on the 21st of July, at the premises of Awesome Treasures Foundation to be precise, some young girls were given a swell time, ‘pampered’ as we’ll like to call it. According to some of them that i interacted with, it was the best time of their lives.
The event took place at 9a, Tinubu street, Ilupeju. Volunteers and Potentials were on ground to ensure that smiles were all around. And yes, smiles were a popular sight.

So that day was awesome! It wasn’t just about the gifts, the food and drinks, the dance competition…and movie and popcorn! Oh yea, and Mrs Preye, from Ovie Brume Foundation, coordinated the games! Yes, games! elbow to elbow, head to head!!
Anyway, It was more about the bringing together of these little girls and letting them know how powerful they are as females and how powerful they can be if only they put their hearts to it. It was about letting them see that they are not a mere tool in the hands of the male folk whether young or old.
And we had fun in all of this. It was soo much fun! Mrs Nkiru Obi blessed us with a wonderful dancer who wowed the crowd! Talking about dancing, i even broke my back trying to outdance Jorge when it was time for the men to show some skills. Yea, i tried to dance.

But i digress..

There was also talk from Madam Tosin Adesola on the need for perseverance and commitment. Herself being a Sickle Cell victim who had moved on to achieve great things despite the odds was in the best position to speak with the kids. Miss Eucharia Okpara told the kids a touching true life story of how she also became an independant person despite very little that she had to begin with. So yes, the kids learned stuff.
Like Potential Chelly Said: In your 20s Learn ,Have Fun and Grow.

In the course of the event, the atmosphere became emotionally charged as aunty Jessica led the talk in condemnation of the proposed ‘Child marriage Act’. Potentials took turns to speak out against the abominable act. And thankfully, the kids got to understand the gravity of the situation.

Then it was back to having fun and guess who was in the house! Nnenna! Yup, from Wale Adenuga Productions. And then the kids went wild.

And in the end, the kids went home with gifts packaged in bags donated by PBO Foundation (Pastor Bimbo Odukoya Foundation).
At The Potential Threes, we know how a girl should be treated and there will be more events like this one, even better, we want the girl child to be the empowered child. So look out, it will happen again and again. Come join us!

You see how much fun this girls were having?

Oh yea, and it was also aunty Jessica’s birthday that same day! Jessica’s the CEO of The Potential Threes.

The Potential threes says thank you to all those that support the cause.

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3 thoughts on “The Potential Threes: for the love of the girl child

  1. Good one Jessi… You’re indeed a “WOMAN” – Wonderful, Outstanding, Marvellous, Adorable and Nice. Keep it up girl, God is your strength.


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