Why are these Parents Paying $400 for a Play-Date Consultant?

Rich people will always find ways to waste money.
Heard the story of parents who spend upwards of $350 an hour to hire disabled “guides” so that the little ones need not be inconvenienced by lines at Disney World? Well now, parents in that same tax bracket can hire “recreation experts” for $400 an hour to teach their preschoolers how to play.

Or, more specifically, how to play nicely. With others.

‘Dem don dey madt’ should be an appropriate theme song for these people.

They insist child’s play is serious for parents, because the toddlers will be judged on these skills when they apply to top-end schools.” That looming reality has led to the existence of firms with names like “Aristotle Circle” whose consultants observe 4-year-olds in small groups and “monitor how the kids share crayons, color, follow directions in Simon Says, and hold a pencil.

i’m confused! Is play now something someone teaches you how to do? The joy of it, the entire POINT of it, is that children find their own way, at their own pace, with parent supervision, perhaps, and keeping an eye out for safety, yes. But taking notes and then correcting your ‘technique’ so that you later impress the admissions committee at the Very Best Private School? I don’t think that falls under the traditional definition of Play.

Why do today’s children even need such help while previous generations managed to play without a coach?


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