So Dame says Soyinka is an embarrasment. LOL
Now why would she say that? She’s been embarrassing us all these years! it was soo much she had to fall sick. God gave her a second chance. She got back to embarrass us some more.
Then she finds herself roped in a saga a ‘first lady’ shouldn’t be in and she turns deaf eyes to a simple advice and then lashes at one of the few sane people we have in the land?!

What was wrong in the statement “..a lady before a first-lady” ?

Na wa o

Like my friend Michael said “Nigeria is a silly place full of immature and uncivil people robbing off on the intellectual. Smh”

So now that nigerians are asking Dame to have a debate of sorts with the nobel laureate, geh geh! Na to dey burst laff o!
But really, noone should expect much sha. i believe she’l act like she didn’t see or wasn’t briefed about the headlines. She’l only just lash at nigerians for being “a children”.

And then, Hon Evans Bipi, the leader of the five angry men in the Rivers State House of Assembly, said that Dame is ‘Jesus Christ on Earth’ .

i rest my case…


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