Psquare’s ‘Personally’ video: what you didnt see

The picture’s clean, the choreography, near perfect, custume, couldn’t be better. The Michael Jackson depiction is crazzyyy!!
But i bet you didn’t see this.

Let’s just say i’m being silly. But what do you see?
Was it a coincidence that a lady was directly behind him with only her hands and legs showing in appropriate places? Was it a coincidence that he did that dance move at that particular moment when her hands were placed that way on the doorpost?
And she happens to be wearing red which is thesame colour as Peter (or is it Paul) infront of her. That to me is to make both bodies become one.

This took place in a split second but i saw it. i geuss i have an eye for these things. Abi am i over-seeing ni??


6 thoughts on “Psquare’s ‘Personally’ video: what you didnt see

  1. Everytin fits in perfectly well. D posture of paul abi na Peter, d lady $ everytin representn dat deir illuminati god. God help us o. It wil b fast so none wil notice bt dem no smart pass God cos we gat pple lyk u.


  2. You guys should know d song and dance steps they did was all about Michael Jackson. To me I will not judge them, but I believe it’s kind of tribute,likewise remembrance about the King of Pop Michael Jackson…What do you think?


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