Honey is More Effective than Cough Syrup

*Cough*…my good readers, *cough*…do you know that *COUGH* that.. *COUGH*. Ugh. It seems like everybody is sick with something these days. You’ve heard about chicken soup, hand washing, vitamin C, and all the usual ways to keep healthy. But once you’ve caught the bug, there’s not much you can do other than wait it out with some tissues and a warm bed. Not even the over-the-counter medicine helps that hacking cough! A recent study found that honey was more effective in treating a persistent cough than cough syrup.

105 children were involved in the study, and the results were overwhelming. Honey consistently scored better than cough syrup in all categories: decreasing cough frequency, lessening severity, and improving sleep quality. Of course, parents will want to consult with their child’s pediatrician before giving their little ones honey, but if given the go-head, it’s a unique (and natural) way to deal with that nasty cough that keeps the whole family up at night. *cough*

Also, British researchers have found that a compound derived from cocoa is an effective treatment for persistent coughs, but lacks the side-effects normally associated with cough suppressants. The chemical, theobromine, not only can be used to stop coughs, but also can prevent coughing in the future. The researchers offered volunteers tablets of theobromine and asked them to breathe in a gas derived from chili peppers to trigger a cough. The test proved that theobromine kept volunteers from coughing for a longer time than codeine, a popular, powerful cough medicine. As an added bonus, theobromine does not cause the drowsy side-effects that codeine does.

If only Cadbury knew this, dem go dey make choco far sachet.


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