There’s booze in Space!

Oh boy, enough drinks just arrange themself somewhere o!

Mankind has been looking out into space for thousands of years, and the most important thing we’ve discovered over that time is that everything is crazy weird out there, and it just keeps getting weirder with every new glance.

In 2006, astronomers discovered a cloud of alcohol in part of the Milky Way where stars are forming from gas and dust. The awesome news for alcoholics is that the alcohol cloud is 463 billion kilometers (about 288 miles) across. That’s a lot of alcohol! But then, the bad news is that the cloud is made of methyl alcohol, the undrinkable cousin of ethyl alcohol (drinking alcohol).

Sorry o, make you no vex.

This discovery challenges the old conventional view that complex organic molecules, like alcohol, couldn’t exist in the middle of space. It’s possible that molecules like the ones found in this cloud helped create life on Earth.

If anything is going to replenish the public’s dwindling interest in space exploration, it’s probably this. Sagittarius B2 is a huge cloud a few million times the mass of our sun, floating around near the center of our galaxy. Scientists have discovered that it’s basically a giant river of raspberry-flavored rum. No, seriously, Sagittarius B2 contains about 10 billion billion billion liters of alcohol. That’s enough booze to get everyone high during an Inter-Galaxial Football Competition, but the cloud is also packed full of molecules called ethyl formate. This chemical, said to smell of rum, is the same chemical that gives raspberries their flavor.

Not only did God apparently decide to “Irish up” the Milky Way, but this also represents the next best thing to finding life outside our world. Alcohol is an organic compound, so if scientists could learn more about how it manages to form in space, they might be able to figure out how life formed. And they can get high doing it.


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