who wants to have Air for meals?

Ever heard of a Breatharian? Its a relatively new term used to describe people who profess to living off the spiritual energy given to them by the light and air of their environment. Meet this guy, Kirby de Lannerolle, He survives on air, as in, he chows breeze! he says he gets energy from light, wind and vibrations. Those must be real tasty.

I can picture myself in a restaurant ordering a big bowl of Steam, a large helping of Vibrations and a gust of wind. Oh, and some cold Air for dessert. I bet I’l be real full after that. Wonders!

Well, Kirby has been a breatharian for five years, even though some people have died while attempting a breatharian lifestyle. But he claims he had a check-up six months ago, and is in good health. He’s convinced he can become immortal through being a breatharian and that it reverses aging.

“I’ve had seven meals for the last 10 months,” Kirby explained on the National Geographic Channel show, noting he keeps his meals to a total of 500 calories or less. “In this consciousness, when I do eat food, it makes me feel very tired.”

Feel tired??! Something’s wrong with this guy o.

The BBC reports that experts think humans can survive without food for up to two months and others have certainly tried it — earlier this month, a Seattle resident reported she was 32 days into the lifestyle.

Kirby says he wants to change the world with breatharianism, maintaining he usually only eats his daily communion — a small morsel of bread and red wine.

This man has lived over four months without anything we can call food, and even a period as much as a week without the intake of water in any form; all the while training daily for a marathon of 21KM which he competed in and completed a few weeks ago.

Kirby credits his very existence to the act of communion, which he explains opens him up to experiencing the nutrients that many wise spiritualists profess to have attained from the sun and the atmosphere. Kirby with a twinkle in his eye also mentions that the bible speaks of a situation when after Jesus’ forty day fast in the wilderness, he was tempted by the devil to turn a stone into bread, but Jesus replied him (as found in the gospel of Matthew, Chapter four, verse four) and said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but every word that proceeds from the mouth of God”, And as plainly as it is said there, it had made him consider that there were more things available to us to sustain life in this world than the food that is readily available to us, and that he is perusing that very train of thought.

That is a train I will never board! Me ke?!


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