The BBA Show

People sitting, sleeping, walking around, eating and taking showers. Oh, and ofcourse, having sex. That’s what is broadcast live across the continent, and the show has huge ratings. What silly entertainment.

So, here’s a friend’s account of what she experienced two days ago. Edited ofcourse.

“So i woke up early this morning around 5 a.m and turned my tv on. BBA came on cause that was the last channel my hubby was watching last night. Lo and behold, what did i see? Different views of some people who were very busy sleeping, just SLEEPING, nothing else.
I saw a display of tweets from all around the continent scrolling at the bottom of the screen. People were tweeting “wakeup”. I counted like thirty different tweets mentioning their favorite housemates names. Like “waKe up Dayo”. Just imagine that. And the contestants were just lying there, sleeping. Didn’t make any sense to me.
Why should people stay awake to watch other people sleeping on tv?”

Now, is that crazy insane or insane crazy!? What’s the main idea behind BBA, to teach me how to sleep with someone else’s lady at any given oppurtunity? Cos really, all that is promoted is sex.

Here’s a question I asked on facebook on 6 May, 2012.

What is the plan of the Devil if not to promote sex and other ‘cool’ acts? I’m glad many people now see what i saw.


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