uhmmm, Don Jazzy…

So, Don baba Jay uploaded this picture of him with the world’s most expensive bottle of champagne.

The Don shared the photo on his instagram page adding – “So I was honored with the 1st bottle to touch Nigeria. #Goûtdediamants cheers to the weekend”.

Though he tried to act like the shot wasn’t staged but it was all to obvious.
First, he’s under the covers (which was the first thing i noticed actually) but with his chain and wristwatch on? Who sleeps that way? And then, was he gonna pop the bottle and pour it in the ‘Loya milk’ cup? Who drinks champagne that way? Ofwhich the inscription on the cup is conviniently facing the camera. Loya money talking?

Don Jazzy again!!!

But come, what’s my own sef??!


2 thoughts on “uhmmm, Don Jazzy…

  1. We all live to oppress. Oppression is a global habit but very prominent in Nigeria. A white man will boost of his achievements rather than marketing someone’s product all in the name of oppression!


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