is something wrong at the Ikeja airport?

If you’re conversant with the skies, planes fly paths or if you ever took the time to watch planes in flight either as a kid or at present then you might have observed something.
Normally, a plane at a time should be seen in one section of sky. Whenever you look up you see just one plane at any given time. But recent time, i started to take note about 2 weeks ago that 2 to 3 planes can be spotted in one section of sky. And then two nights ago, there were 4 planes in the air, all facing the Ikeja airport with two of them going in for landing while the other two turned around again. i took pictures but there were no use, too dark. And at other times during the day when i observe this, my fone is conviniently dead.
i also observed irregular flight paths during this time. Or maybe they’re just paths that haven’t been followed in a while but i (and it has become often) find planes at areas of sky that they seldom follow.

What i’m saying is, you don’t really see a plane flying over Sango(Ogun state) or Meiran towards Ikeja often. What you mostly see is a plane going over the areas around Iju, Dopemu, Iyana ipaja, Cement, outskirts of Ijoko (Ogun state) etc. The runways face these areas.
But these days, its like something is wrong. And planes crowd the skies wanting to land.
Would like to hear from a pilot or flight engineer who has affiliations with the airport concerned.
i just need to know before my jet comes in.


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