Whats in a BC!?

Since i joined the bb world i haven’t stopped being upset at the subject of BCs. First it was when i fell into the hands of sick BC senders who will even place a curse on you if peradventure you don’t “forward to ten of ur friends” or the newer version which is “It takes nothin frm u, let ur pride out of d way n send it 2 all”. Ofwhich the story they just sent you is mostly likely fabricated.

Then it was when I sent my first BC because i felt sorry for the poor guy they said just had accident and he managed to utter a word which sounded like a name of his relative. i got a ping later, my buddy said to me “dude, i got that BC some 5months ago, u hav to start ignorin dem. Welcome to blackberry”, he ended with.
i could not help but think how many people at that very moment were angry at me and hissing.
Now people send a BC with an apology at the top. You’d see something like “sorry for the BC but..”

The Broadcast feature, BC is one that ofcourse can’t be deleted from ones bb and has to be endured, but a BC isn’t bad. They help in getting urgent public announcements across and beyond a geopolitical area in a very very short time. With that feature, lives can be saved and has been saved. With that feature, careers have sky-rocketed, business blossomed, relationships kick-started.
But people dread the BC, why? i know some who do not bother reading it and would rather ask “wat is there?”.
I get pissed cos i see nothing to it. Not until i started getting some really annoying ones. Remember the one about an old man in a man’s car on a certain night and the man told of how Jesus was begging God to tell the angel not to blow the trumpet? Damn! Recall in your bible that Jesus did say that he doesn’t even know when the trumpet shall sound.
Its suprising that alot of people still fall for such farce.

i send BCs too, alot! That’s cos i have let my readers have the links to there stories. So there you go. Its legit. But what isn’t is all this Jesus and Heaven fallacy.
I got utterly pissed off when i was sent this BC. i’d like that you read.

In the public hospital of Itaguaí (RJ) in UK last weekend was born a girl with hands joined together, like one who’s praying.

The doctors told the parents that they would operate the hands of that girl and that they would give her antistatic. The operation was easy because it seemed like the hands were simply glued together by one membrane (skin), layer apart.

When they opened up the hands of the child, you can’t imagine what was written…
‘JESUS IS COMING BACK…’ The doctors started weeping and all that were in the hospital….WTFaqtajuwad! …Stop! Stop!! Stop!!!
Are you kidding me!? How in the world did the writing appear there? God’s doing?! Oh really? Calm the f-down for a second, do you really believe that God would waste his time writing that message in an enclosed place where someone or some people will have to open up to get the message? Its a message that’s already in the bible, why would he want to hide it? People are getting more and more irking with there imaginative prowess. I now get why many are pissed.
What is wrong with this people!?


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