Western fashion doesnt work here!

Hello gal, how you doing? What’s with the high heels when you’re walking this distance on this uneven road, you wish to ruin your ankles? And just look at how thin the heels are, those could break off and you’d come tumbling down into that nearby gutter. The shoes make you take on the appearance of Minnie Mouse, all you need is a clown nose.
Hәy babe, why are your shades so bogus? You look blind. And your hair, you shaved a part, fixed weavon on one part, are you confused on the style you want? And your nails, they are coloured differently, is your make-over artiste colour-blind?
By the way, why do you constantly adjust your top when you’re in a bus or on a bike, is the top not your size? Leave it na, is that not what you call fashion? Including your over painted face? All the colours of the South African flag are present on your face.
If it were to suddenly rain on you, You’d look like a Picasso practice board.
The amount of make-up on you alone is enough for five other gals.

Bros, how far? Ah, you’re sagging! Tattooing your face and body, looking scary. You want the Lil’ Wayne look abi? i hope you know the guy has epilepsy now? You want that too? Atleast his boxers are cleaner than the ones you keep exposing. Still too broke to afford a decent detergent? So what’s the problem? And what makes you think that ladies want to see you flea-infected boxers sef?
Come, wearing body hug on your dry chest is not cool na, what is that!?
And this bead bracelet is for what? Are you an Ifa priest?


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