The Nigerian Police Farce

History of the Nigerian Police is one of sacrifice, nobility and service. It began with a thirty-member consular guard formed in Lagos in 1861 by the British colonial powers.

i was passing right infront of a police station in Ikeja when i saw a sign which read

“Avoid crime and its vices, crime does not pay. Criminals are enemies of the public…”

i had to stop and laugh. Its not everyday we get to thank the police for protecting us. Infact, its once in a long while. They’re popular for their acts of extortion and extrajudicial killings meted to innocent citizens. Oh yea, and force their way into your car to threaten you with demands beyond your capacity which you must submit to otherwise they call their ‘oga’ at the station.
Do they honestly think we believe in that ‘Police is your friend’ slogan of there’s?

The Police today has alot of questions to answer.

Questions such as:

Why are our police the way they are? Showing non-chalant behaviour towards their job.
Why do they; Appear in a uniform that isn’t uniform at all (i’ve seen one in a black top, grey trousers with navy-blue berret, and office shoes), carry big guns such as AK 47s and tear gas expellers around when there’s no obvious mayhem, get under the influence of alcohol and resort to unprofressional conduct such that embarrasses the country. Wearing bathroom slippers, wearing riot gear just to control traffic, sleeping at posts, begging for food and drinks at social events in which they’re expected to safegaurd. And why do they resort to force all of the time. The all to familiar “my frend move!” Is often followed by series of slaps, shoves and pushes. Why have they turned into houseboys for the rich? Why roadblocks made up of tree branches and trunks, drums just for extortion not minding the traffic build-up?

Why are there so many illiterates in the Nigerian Police force?

Its no longer even a shocking sight to see for most nigerians. Its has been embedded in everyday sceneray. You must sha see one olopa looking like a herdsman with a gun.

It is no news that in saner societies, the police force is one with reputation. Any Jang, Ikemefuna or Lanre wouldn’t come on unless an examination has been passed and the rigours of the Police Academy has been undergone. In a situation where these steps aren’t taken, what we churn out are miscreants in uniform, government thugs, uniformed illiterates. Illiteracy per se isn’t a problem but when they do not get the trainings they deserve…

In some cases, if not for the uniform they adorn and guns they carry, you wouldn’t be able to tell an “agbero” from an “olopa”.
Even their vehicles look like transport for rams to the abattoir.

And then the police colleges. The Ikeja Police College is a typical example of an abandoned system visited by the Ogas only to collect allocations.

The humiliating acts of the Nigerian Police is beyond imagining.

In the 2013 fiscal budget year, N311 billion ($1.99 billion) was appropriated for the Nigerian Police.

A total of N2.046 billion from 2009-2012 was allocated for police colleges and training institutions:

2009 – N700 million, 2010 – N759 million, 2011 – N291 million, and 2012 – N296 million.

What happened to the annual budgets for police affairs? What was the money spent on? How many Ghana-must-go did the money go in?

What’s the role of the minister for police affairs? When was the last time he was on tour of duty of police colleges in the country? What did he do with the money? How was the money disbursed? Was the money disbursed?

and we have this one preaching on the streets with his uniform on!

and we have this one preaching on the streets with his uniform on!

what dance move is that?!

what dance move is that?!

After a long, hard day of doing nothing, its good to sit back and relax.

After a long, hard day of doing nothing, its good to sit back and relax.


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