Leadership issue in Nigeria

Here’s a write-up i stumbled upon, written by Gimba Kakanda, one of the most prolific writers we are lucky to have in nigeria.
To come up with a good title for this was suprisingly tasking, so i just settled for that you see above.

Read, digest and act on this.

Exploring the hinterland of Kano state – which is just like every other countryside in Nigeria, north and south – I ask myself: how on earth does Nigeria’s cursed Oil add a value to the lives of our people? Why would they be ridiculed for the crimes of the thieving Cabal in the list of Fuel Subsidy scam? Should Dantala, a farmer, be charged for the theft of, say, Bamanga Tukur’s son in the list? Should Adewale, a vulcaniser, be charged for the thefts of Arisekola Alao’s son? Should Emeka, an automobile spare part dealer, be charged for the theft of Ifeanyi Ubah? These are questions for the stereotype artists!

There are peasants and hopeless citizens suffering in every part of the country; so it comes to me as irony when some of us identify the north as the only region challenged – militancy in the core north and south-south is a failure of the entire country. Has the oil redeemed the lives of the numberless poor people and kidnappers in Niger-Delta?

And if the south-south is any wiser, are the northerners the electorates that voted in James Ibori?

If the Asari Dokubos are truly concerned about the fate of Niger-Delta, their promise of bullets should be fulfilled on the many Diepreye Alamieyeseighas among them.

If Niger-Delta gives us an opposite of Goodluck Jonathan, wallahi my vote for him is assured. Until them, I pitch my tent with the morally advantaged people whose politics or public service records I endorse.

Leadership is an issue in Nigeria because followership is flawed, because we allow some mentally deficient people to be our advocates!


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