sunday sunday tonic

All around you this sunday and every other you’l see people, most of which are dressed nicely and extravagantly, carrying bibles, going to church. Thesame people who engaged in fights over the past week, even that very morning with the bus conductor enroute service and plan to continue with another bus conductor after church, people who’ve said unbelievably nasty, harsh and devilish things with their mouths, people who have secrets they arnt ready to give up. People with evil thoughts, such that would’ve made Adolf Hitler squirm. People who don’t give a damn if their fellow man drowns in want for its a dog eat dog world. They rather give a thousand naira in offering than twenty naira to a begger outside the gates.

All this people dance and sing even with hands raised unto heaven. Speaking in tongues and giving nods of approval to everything pastor says. You’d think they were fresh out a convent.

But Jehovah aint no man, if he was he’d send some people back home. He justs sits on his throne, watching us all, wondering how we go by with all our hating and still have the nerves to ask him for forgiveness and blessings. He’s indeed merciful.

So, every sunday, year in and out, we endeavour not to miss a church service. But every sunday year in and out we come out of the church compound thesame people we were earlier.


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