Saka, why na?!

i was watching tv this evening and was awestruck to see one of my favorite onscreen personalities, Hafiz Oyetoro from “Area C” popularly known as Saka, the actor known for his roles in Etisalat ads. i saw him doing same for MTN!

The ad was hilarious as usual with Saka but when he sang “I don upgrade to MTN” as if asking us to follow him, i just got abit uneasy. This is a no-look-uche-face type advert strategy.
i don’t know what term those in the advertising world would give this but i’ve given it mine. no-look-uche-face advert strategy.

But with MTN being a rival company, is such a switch even legal? i guess it depends on whatever agreement he had with Etisalat.

What must’ve prompted this move? A better offer i believe. N20million better! So i hear.

MTN bad o…bad like dia network.

and i bumbed into this!!

and i bumped into this!!

And as for people talking about Saka being an ingrate to Etisalat that made him…
Greg Odutayo’s comment
“the character Saka was not created by any advertising agency for etisalat. Saka was created by Hafiz Oyetoro, Gbenga Windapo and myself for a Royal Roots TV series “House A-Part” as far back as 2004 and the series won best TV comedy in Nigeria as far back as 2005. Long before etisalat was in Nigeria. New seasons of the series currently run on Silverbird Television every saturday morning 10.30 – 11AM.

Also Hafiz Oyetoro as Saka with the series House A-Part only recently won the African Magic Viewers Choice Award (AMVCA) for Best Comedy in the Male category.

The advertising agency only adopted the character Saka for etisalat. They did not create the character. Just setting the record straight for prosperity”


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