of the gospel and buildings

Many churches now pay special attention to the magnificience of their structures instead of the quality of the gospel that is propagated from such buildings. Millions and indeed billions of naira are being saved up to come up with a grand design followed by an elaborate ground-breaking ceremony which dignitaries are invited to and then in the end we have a Taj Mahal of some sort.
And often, the members are elated and proud of their edifice. This i believe is totally insane and uncalled for. Propagation of the gospel does not require luxury.

This looks more like a center where events like the Grammys should hold than a church.

Should i be happy about this? Cos i’m rather sad.

and some jabs would read:
“A worship center does not have to look like a rat hole before it can be called a house of God.”
“You should be more objective in your comment.”
“God deserves the best even if he takes you 10yrs to do it and as such you only give him that.”
“Stop beign a mediocre”

But then my response would be: “Wouldn’t the world be a better place if that money was used to propagate the gospel which is the whole essence of christianity in the first place?”

Do we need expensive alter and pulpit, tiles, seats, audio and lighting equipment to hear the word of God? NO!

As the church people will say, it is well.

GEJ and Tony blair were there to grace the opening of the church.

GEJ and Tony blair were there to grace the opening of the church.


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