On the issue of the baby born without a skull and “awa national assembly”

The baby, Okikioluwa Olawuyi, and her parents were brought to Tambuwal by a delegation of Global Initiative for Peace, Love and Care led by the Coordinator, Mr. Nuhu Kwajafa.

“She will be there in the USA for one year and will required additional N10m for other costs of her going to the US and staying for the operation” Mr Kwajafa said.

Speaker, Mr. Aminu Tambuwal, then made a promise that
The House of Representatives will foot the balance of N10m needed for the surgery of the baby girl born without a skull when he met with the parents of the child.

Kwajafa also said that the baby’s father,
Mr. Caleb Olawuyi, was now being accommodated by the organisation in Abuja after the family was evicted from Ibadan, Oyo State due to the health condition of the mystery child

According to the speaker, the money will be donated by lawmakers from their private pockets.

He praised the organisation for its humanitarian services, saying, “We are commending Mr. Kwajafa for his efforts and we want Nigerian youths to emulate him.

“I will consult with the leadership of the House and other members and we will pick the remaining parts of the bill.”

Kwajafa said that so far, the organisation had raised $234,000 needed for the surgery at the John Hopkins University, but added that N10m  more was needed to complete the bill.

Now my views..

Isn’t 10million naira a meagre amount in Tambuwal’s eyes? The bros can produce that while still sitted behind his desk.
If it was absolutely necessary for the entire house to donate for that poor child then a hundred million should be it, not ten.

Private pockets or not, we know its our money they’re spending.

This disorder is known as Anencephaly. It is a cephalic disorder that results from a neural tube defect that occurs when the rostral (head) end of the neural tube fails to close, usually between the 23rd and 26th day of conception, resulting in the absence of a major portion of the brain, skull, and scalp. Strictly speaking, the translation of the Greek term to English is “no brain” (that is, totally lacking), but it is accepted that children with this disorder are born without a telencephalon, the largest part of the brain consisting mainly of the cerebral hemispheres, including the neocortex, which is responsible for cognition. The remaining brain tissue is often exposed, i.e. not covered by bone or skin. With very few exceptions, most babies with this disorder do not survive. Though with advances in modern medicine and God’s intervention, such won’t be the case for our dear Okikioluwa Olawuyi.


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