Delegation to the Pope

senate president David Mark will lead the Federal Government Delegation to Rome for the inauguration of Pope Francis.

In addition to attending the new Pope’s inauguration mass at the Vatican City, the delegation will also convey a congratulatory letter from President Jonathan to the Pope.

The letter reads,

“We the proud leaders of the nation called Nigeria wish to felicitate with you on your landslide victory in the last elections as pope. Our president would’ve come to but he’s stil struggling to build his house in the village, you know how houses aяe when you’re adding bunkers, underground swimming pools and landing pads. We would’ve organised the inauguration ceremony for you but we know the Vatican will not want this. So we are on standby for whatever else you so desire as pope of the catholic nation. We are always here to give you tips for victory in your second term elections if you so desire. We can buy you a jet if you want. We can renovate the Sistine Chapel.

We have come in our large numbers, 6 to 10 planes-full, as always to wish you well. We are currrently not doing anything in our country so we are priviledged to travel around. We aяe staying in some of your best hotels because this is a grand occasion. Greetings to your wife and kids.

delegates from the Federal Republic of Nigeria”


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