Of churches and traffic

Why don’t some churches make parking spaces for their worshipper’s cars? They strive to get more members to worship with them but they don’t plan for impending congestion that they cause on adjoining roads.
These members end up using both sides of the road and thereby leaving a narrow way in the middle for other road users to fight for.

You might have heard a pastor say

“..our members will be so plenty and our cars will block the whole road..and they will see that God is working in this church”

this statement is usually followed by thunderous applause and loud shouts of halleluyah.
They probably don’t know this but they’re rejoicing at the fact that they’l cause a lot of people stress and pain.

Some family members going to thesame church come with several cars just to “show” but parking becomes a problem and an innocent driver or passenger trying to get from point A to B bears the brunt. Not so innocent though cos there’s a likelihood that the passing driver is also going to block the road infront of his church with his parking.

The churches along Lagos-Ibadan exp way cause such gridlock every weekend so much so that people keep mental notes when planning a journey to avoid the traffic at those points.

The inner city route users also get a taste every sunday when the churches are in full swing.
Not forgetting that some (if not most) of these roads aяe already bad.

As our church people will always say, it is well.


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