Battle for the R G Mugabe fashion label

People with the signature R G Mugabe emblazoned over their fronts or atop a stylish beret can be seen proudly walking around Zimbabwe’s capital – a city that is usually a hotbed of anti-Mugabe feeling.

Mugabe ‘overwhelmed’

Sales have been slowly growing for Yedu Nesu, the company behind the House of Gushungo, though it is reluctant to discuss profits made so far.

T-shirts, costing between $10 (£6.50) and $15, umbrellas, berets and even sports clothes bearing the liberation leader’s signature sold out at a stall in Gweru during the Zanu-PF conference in December.

At the moment it is mainly middle-aged people who can be spotted in Harare sporting the R G Mugabe clothes line.

Mr Tsvangirai’s spokesman Luke Tamborinyoka said that: “The Mugabe fashion craze is a desperate attempt by his brand managers to catch the young voters.

“It’s an attempt to seduce the young, first-time voters who are believed to be almost a million – a very big number considering Zimbabwe’s voting population.”

But he said he did not think the designer clothes would make any difference to the way people vote.

“No amount of fashion labels will save him in the next election.”

That old man sef, he just wants to cling to power by all means.


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