is this the “oga at the top”?

that looks like a boii greeting his “oga at the top” na.

But those “Sunrise” hosts on Channels TV are wicked o. They knew this man didn’t have a clue what to say but they proceeded to get anything out of him. Now, what he was forced to say shouldn’t have been said, atleast not the way it was said.

Enter the Nigerian public:
We nigerians have a way of bringing laughs from rocks. This is one gaffe he(you know who) must wish he never made. Its all over social media with different jokes springing up by the hour. It has now jumped onto the physical. No conversation can go on for too long without a party chipping-in Mr Obafaiye Shem’s “my oga at the top”.

Shirts now carry the inscription and folks are dorning it with pride sef.

i pity that man, his colleagues would constantly giggle at his back.

i pity his wife, her friends and associates would remind her of her husband’s blunder.

i pity his children even more. They’l all be in schools and other students would tease them to death.

But how did he get to that post?

To be the one picked for the interview you have to be high in rank and ofcourse have knowledge of your organisations modus operandi and all other relevant information. He’s obviously a product of man know man. Poor shame. And there he was saying “wait, wait” as if he was being denied an oppurtunity to make his point.

Please let me end this post here. i can say i should continue but my oga at d top can say anoda tin.


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