Woman comes down from tree after 15 months

Miranda Gibson, 31, had been living at the top of a 200ft eucalyptus tree in Tasmania’s Styx Valley since December 2011 in a protest against logging.

Her lofty vigil has attracted worldwide attention, with the former teacher appearing on news shows around the world. AIT no carry am sha. She was congratulated by environmentalists after smoke from the bushfire finally brought her back down to earth.

Australian Greens leader Christine Milne, who visited the tree-sit earlier this year, praised Ms Gibson for the contributions she had made.

“I know this is a difficult decision for Miranda to leave the Observer Tree after 451 days, but I know that her campaign to protect our native forests will continue now she is on the ground,” she said.

“Miranda’s global outreach has been a constant reminder that Tasmania’s global reputation as an area of great beauty and wilderness is at risk if logging continues.”

i really wish we could have people like this in this clime. What do u say? Me nko? Ok, maybe i should. Yes, i will. i’l eat constantly for 6months in protest for starving people in Rwanda.


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