free books distribution turns dramatic in Akwa ibom

Yesterday, there was a ceremony in Akwa Ibom. It was to commence the distribution of text books to students in that state. It was broadcasted live on AIT. A good initiative by the state government, giving books to less priviledged kids. Akpabio, personally flagged-off the distribution of free books to schools. Under this policy, Akwa Ibom children of school age go to school free from primary to senior secondary level. With provision of free text books in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematic and Integrated science.

Laudable indeed!

What i find sickening though is the fact that something as normal and ordinary as giving books to school children became a grand occassion where the minister for education, royal fathers, state commissioners and even the vice president were present.

The money spent on that occassion was probably up to half that spent on the books. And it sure would’ve bought many more books for those kids sef.

Asides that everyone who came up stage to give an address spent a better part of their time recognising every single dignitary before commencing the speech, it was a series where praises flowed through the speakers towards the governor.

That was when i noticed that these people no longer use the term “distinguished” it is now “very distinguished”.

The minister for education in akwa ibom came and rained praises and prayers on their beloved governor. Like a praise singer to a king. At a point it seemed like a campaign. And then that minister who is currently going round all the girls schools nationwide to “inspect” the ongoing projects came up and mentioned PDP, calling it the largest party in black africa. And Sambo was happy, psheeew!

Before all of these, a group of hungry looking kids were made to sing one poorly written song for the occassion.

All the while, the governor was seated, in his white regalia and dark shades looking more like Sergeant Rogers than a governor. He was clutching a little boy who most likely was his son. That boy may not even use a textbook in his school, could be using a laptop or ipad. Because ofcos, he’s going to a big school.

i couldn’t even wait to see the remainder of the charade, then nepa took light and i was glad.


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