Your style is not complete till you meet this man.

i’d like to introduce to you guys out there, one of the most amazing fellows i’ve been opportuned to start teenage life with. His name, wait for it.
He’s an exceptionally creative young man. You need to see his creations. In some circles he is known as “Revamped”.
His real name, still wait a bit.

He left our shores for the UK some years ago and came back a completely transformed man, i guess that’s where the name originates.
Now he’s the CEO Justinklusiv Limited.
His company runs a male clothing line called “Revamped”. A Female clothing line called “Reshaped”. And a new wedding gallery called “WedinBelz”. All products are his designs and some items are handmade!

We got intouch recently and i just had to do this interview. By the way, he has lost a lot of hair since we last saw each other.

Meet,Martins Efosa Johnson.

What was your childhood like? Have u always had the fashion passion?

My people, i greet o. My childhood was good; in that I actually played and had genuine fun. I had a God-fearing and very family oriented childhood. In a very weird way. I love my own style and grew up wanting to follow that style. Just simple n classy.

How long have you been in the fashion industry?

Been 6 years and counting..

Has it always been rosy for you?

It was sweet the first 2weeks but after that was one up and down, roller coaster turbulence. Been bankrupted twice in the last 6 years too.

What inspires your designs?

Women around me inspired me initially. But it was further augmented by my personal style and pioneers in the fashion industry.

Who is/are your mentor(s)?

Alexander Amosu
My dad has always been my mentor, he has driven me to aim and make the sky my limit.

Do you have a store in the country or are your stocks shipped in?

Stocks are shipped in to ensure customers needs are met. Although, a store in the country is in the works.

Do you intend to venture into other sectors?

Yes. And I have already started. I started with women shoes, but I started to venture into clothing and men’s wear. I discovered a gap in the market for my sense of style.

Where do you see yourself in 5yrs?

As the pioneer of a household brand. A brand that does not discriminate or choose. A brand that serves the people, be it the wealthy or the ordinary man and woman. A brand that gives everyone the oppurtunity to express their style in a unique way.

For prospective customers, how can they get to experience your brand?

Simple, become a customer. the minute you make that decision to buy a shoe, a blazer or a dress from us, your experience begins. From the exceptional customer service to experiencing the actual product you purchased. We can be reached via Facebook: Reshaped N revamped, Twitter: @reshap3d, Skype: Martsa5, Mail:

Ok, let’s get abit intimate. What is your relationship status, “single and searching” as some would hope?

i’m involved o.

Aww, too bad for the ones who thought they had a chance.
How old are you?

i’m a young man, 30 years of age.

What would u like to tell those aspiring to be just like you?

I am just me to begin with. I don’t believe in arrogance. However, humility, hardwork and determination always pays off. So anyone who I am privileged to inspire should just keep that in mind. Always believe in your abilities, put the Almighty God first and work hard towards your goals. Such endurance and the Grace of God will ensure your dreams become a reality.

When you speak one on one with Martins, you’d notice there’s always a grin on his face asides his british accent. i’m certain you’d have that grin too when you experience what he’s got for you. You might just get Revamped or Reshaped.

with CEO XA international model

with CEO XA international model


4 thoughts on “Your style is not complete till you meet this man.

  1. Sexy classy and definately inspiring, I have never come across an ambitious young Man like this. Very strong headed and motivated… I would wear the clothes and would kill it with a classy Heel from the Unique Collection.

    I totally enjoy the Quality and craftsmanship. Keep it up. My support always with you.

    A very happy client 🙂 thumbs up xxx


  2. Oh yeah that’s soooo super cool. Alright Ladies n Gents yur about to be Reshaped and Revamped. Grab yur purses,ur shades n let’s go. Am a fan. Good works Boss. Kudo.


  3. Oh yeah that’s soooo super cool. Alright Ladies n Gents yur about to be Reshaped and Revamped. Grab yur purses,ur shades n let’s go. Am a fan. Good work Boss. Kudos.


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