a must have?

That blackberry or BB that you have in your hand or is that an Android phone, what do you use it for? Research or Research In Motion(RIM) or is your Android making you paranoid? It should cos most likely you are still “drinkin the garri” of that phone.
The phone you sold your proverbial liver to acquire, the fire and brimestone that you went through to have such a reigning phone in your pocket or between your palms. That phone that caused you your relationship, freedom and pride, what has it done for you? I mean asides boosting your reputation amongst your circle of friends and colleagues which doesn’t really add much value to you as the boost will fade with time. What have you used the internet access at your disposal for?

In Nigeria, such phones are mostly used as entertainment than educational tools, says one report. Are you a part of the ones who download songs, videos, apps and games day and night even when you don’t need to? You have a BB so you can be a part of all the social network sites out there!?
Na wa o. You want to Ping!
Its not bad, carry on. Just be aware that as you kill the battery, pinging, folks are putting their phone’s battery power to good use.
There are so many things one could learn over the internet, asides latest songs and trending topics on twitter, funny photos on facebook or “what i’m eating” photos on instagram, wasting your time doing nothing really. The basic functions are not even tested during the lifetime of such phones.
For many, the Blackberry is a must-have gadget, can as well be called a “CrackBerry” as BB addicts are ever increasing.
Blackberries were originally phones for business people, hence, the people who you keep intouch with are called “Contacts”. Blackberry provides essential, global and stable features to business users that the others are not currently providing. I might be wrong on that one though. You can see from the earlier versions that it didn’t have much style to it compared to what we have nowadays. You can’t edit pictures on it unless you download a picture editor app, and there’s no radio clearly indicating that its not a “play play fone”. One look at its features and one can easily tell this. It took me a long while to acquire one myself after series of tongue lashing from friends and family. Before i gave in, i often said to them “i won’t join the bb craze”.
But RIM has evolved. This is obviously because they have found a new market. The ones who’l buy for no apparent reason asides to make a statement. Now there’s a blackerry with radio and the blackberry AppWorld so you can download all the funstuff you want. Ripping you off on the one hand and you feeling satisfied on the other hand.


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