Japanese women rent out thighs to advertisers

Japanese women are ‘renting’ out their legs as advertising space in a bizarre new trend.

The service is being promoted by Absolute Territory PR which claims the number of women taking part is increasing by the day.

The company takes its name from the Japanese phrase ‘zettai ryouiki koukoku’ (absolute territory), which refers to the exposed flesh between a knee high sock and a skirt.

Participating women get an advertising sticker attached to their thigh and go on with their usual life.

As long as the ad is showing on their legs for eight hours a day or more their job is done and they are paid an advertising fee.

As proof of their work, participants must post pictures of themselves “wearing” the ad on their Facebook and Twitter pages or other social media sites.

Eichi Atsumi, a spokesperson for Absolute Territory PR, says any woman can take part so long as they are over 18 and have at least 20 social network friends.


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