can you be like Dustin? lai lai!

Meet Dustin Moskovitz, he’s Facebook’s third employee and was Mark Zuckerberg’s roommate at Harvard.
With a Net Worth of $3.5 billion, he’s the youngest billionaire. Though billions of dollars rich, this bros still rides bikes to work and flies commercial! Is this focus and humility or something silly? Cos with that kind of money in this land u can bet most of us will have a Rolls Royce and Aston Martin convoy.
But that is exactly the way i would’ve loved my life to be. This show off attitude we have has killed a lot of people.
But in my case i go get car o, like four! But i’m fairly sure that if it were to be you, here will be your list:

1. Buy a Private jet, 3 sef so that u fly in convoy.

2. 12 Jeeps, definitely bulletproofed with tinted glasses then Get an entourage of atleast 10 – 15 koboko wielding Mopols

3. Clear traffic and cause traffic at will.

4. Siren.

5. Arrive late for all occassions.

6. Aspire to be governor of your state.


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