Questions for Church

Ever ask yourself why people snap their fingers and clap their hands while praying? You must’ve, i know i have.
i ask several other questions too, like why people pace around, shaking their body, looking around, acting like they’re praying but they are not. How do i know they are not? Cos real prayers require concentration. You can’t be looking around and yet have your mind set on your creator. More questions like why they even move around while praying? Is that some form of meditational act?

And why some make clicking sounds with their tongues and popping sounds with their mouths during prayers? Is it a Tropical band?

And why many jump and shout on Jesus when praying? And even visualise an enemy or object infront of them so that they can beat the imagined presence. Is it cos the bible says “…and the violent taketh it by force”? Ok o. But you should know you can’t actually destroy a demon or make one die. Yes, my people, you can’t. They are a formidable legion of immortal beings that were once heavenly, your small mortal self cannot kill them. That’s God’s job. Even Jesus didn’t kill any demons, he only cast them out, his disciples too.
And then the shouting, the scripture does say, permit me to quote, though imperfectly, that “His ears are able to hear us”. So why shout? Your pastor said you should right? He must have said, “shout it ontop of your voice!” or “let your voice be louder than your neighbours own!” so you go ahead and obey. But does your bible not say u should “..not pray to show your neighbour that you are spiritual..”? Or you havnt read that part?

Another question, why do pastors slap their interpreters on their shoulder while preaching? And they tell members to stand on their feet for a prayer point but end up telling a story or two first?

And the thing is, those that do these things are tagged as firebrand christians. The rest of us are what, icebrand?

Those are a few of my questions though, yes few, so expect a part two.


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