Chinese girl writes in different languages with both hands, at thesame time!

This incredible ability to write with both hands at the same time is China’s Chen Siyuan’s gift, she’s a young translator from Handan. Even more impressive is that fact that she can write vertically with one hand and horizontally with the other, or in two different languages. She is ambidextrous, and that makes her an extremely smart person for her to multitask with both hands at thesame time cos she will have to be able to separate her thoughts completely. In that indian movie “three idiots” i remember seeing the prof doing it.

This young English translator has been wowing onlookers with her amazing talent of writing with both hands simultaneously, in two different languages (Chinese and English). Chen says she discovered her ability completely by accident, during her high-school years. She was overwhelmed by the quantities of English homework, but found that she could complete respective tasks much faster by writing with both hands at the same time. ”When I was in high school, I unconsciously wrote with both hands while trying to finish my homework in a hurry,” Chen said. ”My classmates were curious and tried to imitate me, but none of them succeeded.”
Ofcos they can’t! You be winsh!

Anyway, she isnt the first person to do so. I know of one American president who performed similar ability.


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