now that they are two…

fighting to reclaim “the lost dignity of Muslims of black Africa”

“For the first time, we are glad to announce to the public the formation of this group that has genuine basis,” said a statement issued by the group in January 2012 and quoted in local media.
Ansaru broke off Boko haram last January, became popular about six months later through the release of a video in which it vowed to attack Westerners in defence of Muslims worldwide. Its full Arabic name, Jama’atu Ansarul Muslimina Fi Bidalis Sudan, means, “Vanguards for the Protection of Muslims in Black Africa”.
Like we need a Vangaurd of that sort. Isn’t Boko haram one vangaurd too many?
Anyway, Ansaru is now known for taking hostages unlike Boko haram who are known for bombings. It is reported that about 30 Ansaru gunmen used dynamite to “scatter” their way into one compound and “tiff” one Mr Colump who was working on a wind power project. Just like on sunday that dem enter the Setraco compound and “carry” all their hostages. They say its a revenge on the sins of European nations in Mali and Afghanistan. They say they’re fighting to reclaim “the lost dignity of Muslims of black Africa”. They also plan the creation of an Islamic caliphate from Niger to Cameroon and northern Nigeria. i personally don’t think that’s bad. According to one newspaper, Ansaru denounced Boko Haram’s style of operation as “inhuman to the Muslim ummah [nation]”.

Thank you jare! Please you can help us take NASS members hostage too. You can keep them for as long as you wish.

What will federal govt say to this? Cos when it was just boko, Jona’s people hand their hands tied. Now we have two, ok now. i need a Togo passport, atleast dey get light and water dia.


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