she Kim and left as she pleased.

i’m not the type who’s obsessed or gets thrilled by celebrity. i don’t like celebrity gossip either but this is one story i have to comment on. When i first saw in the news that one of the Kardashians was in town there wasn’t any excitement, just a question: “what for? A more annoying version of your reality tv?” And that was it, i totally forgot about it. Until now, the lady “Kim” into the country and was gone like the wind. And i hear Darey paid her $500,000. For that stunt? Apparently, she was invited to co-host the Valentine show ‘Love like a movie’ by Art Alade at the convention centre of Eko Hotel and Suites. The keyword being “co-host”. She came alright, but for only 45 seconds! That must be a record.
The show’s tickets went for N100, 000 of which a majority of the guests bought those tickets because they wanted the lifetime experience of seeing Kim in person, well they did, they saw her, not just as quickly as they intended. While everyone is “raking” about the whole incident our superstar is back in L.A with her cash like she’s done her part.

What explanation will Darey give us?


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