Is God online?

This write-up was borne out of the need for me to spew my views on the issue of people posting prayers online as facebook posts, tweets, on BBM and on other social media platforms. I think its just totally uncalled for! As at this morning, i know the needs of atleast 3 people just by reading their posts.
Why do people post personal prayers on social media sef? I’m not trying to rebuke anyone for what they feel is right but…well, its just sorta wierd.
People have taken the term Omnipresent one step further.

Someone said people post their prayer requests so that friends who see it will join them in praying. Another said its just a show of spirituality..but really, why do people pray to this sites like it’s God? You come across a status like “Lord, i thank you for today” or “God pls let today be fruitful” or ” God, why now?”. If God is online why don’t you just post it in his inbox or DM him?
And if you can’t help it, look for one of those websites that handle that kind of stuff, sites where you have the option of adding your own prayer requests, or watching a “prayer ticker” scroll across the screen with prayer requests, so you could pray for each request accordingly. Look for that website and use it jare!
My Timeline is often inundated with these posts especially on Sundays. And the world’s men of God are taking advantage of this, they post prayers online and urge their followers to ‘type Amen’.

Download a Prayer app! Online prayer seems to be creeping up all over the place so ofcourse mediums will sprout . Its like a christian facebook! Pastor Kumuyi, T. D Jakes, Bishop Oyedepo and E. A Adeboye would love this. Atleast i hope they do, my timeline needs some space. Christians from all over the world coming together to pray online is a good idea if its not pissing somebody else of. There’s also an app for the iPhone called PrayerTracker. I t’s actually a simple, but handy tool. It has three sections (Daily Prayer, Unanswered, Answered) so you can remember what you need to be praying for and to see how your prayers have been answered/not answered. Cool! You can even share your prayers with other people, which is handy in the case of a small group or a similar instance where people are sharing prayer requests or praying for similar things. And it’s free. Another web app/social network for prayer that’s been around for a couple years is – has a more visible look at prayers and prayer requests happening around the world. Wow, why don’t you take advantage and leave the rest of us sinners alone.

So please people, you need to say a prayer and you don’t want it the old fashioned way, look for one of these sites or download the app. Stop letting the rest of us see what you should be telling your God.

Oh yeah, there’re a few group pages on Facebook claiming to be run by God or Jesus. Lol. i guess you could use those as well. But still, inbox him.


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