I was dead for 7 days- Dame Jonathan

Hmmm, our first Lady, Dame Jona, yesterday, said she died and woke up after seven days! Wow, that’s something. i guess this is why she was away from the country for almost three months. She was busy dying and waking up.
She said this in a thanksgiving service held at the State House chapel in Abuja, the First Lady also said the prayers of Nigerians(not all of us) sustained her but that some other people who thought she was died started to sell her property. Sharp people!
According to her, she underwent seven surgery operations within one month and the doctors already thought death was inevitable. “I remember when Chief  Obasanjo was the President of the country, I was close to his late wife, Stella. We worshiped together in this chapel. It was a painful moment for me that time when she died and her corpse was brought here. “That was how my corpse would have been brought here. It was not an easy experience for me. I actually died, I passed out for more than a week. My intestine and tummy were opened.” Opened?? Haaa!

“I am not Lazarus but my experience was similar to his. Lazarus’s tummy was not opened though.
She said, “A black doctor in London who is with us in this service was flown in when the situation became critical. It was God himself in His infinite mercy that said I will return to Nigeria. God woke me up after seven days.”. This woman is lucky, If only that same God can give me a mansion in seven days.

“..some people somehow leaked the information that I was dead.  They are people that I trust and rely on..”.

“I won’t say everything here. It is the Lord’s doing that I returned alive. When God says yes, nobody can say no.” Please say everything o, let us know.

“People are always afraid of operation but in my own case, while my travail lasted, I was begging for it”
“It was God who saw me through. I did eight or nine operations within one month. It was not an easy one.

“The day I came back, I said God I have nothing to say, I offer myself to you. I will be doing things that will touch the lives of the less privileged.
“God gave me second chance because I reached there. He knew I have not completed the assignments He gave me, that was why I was sent back”, she said. Which assignment?! See this woman o!

But in all these, we still don’t know what her illness was. Or is it “is”.

CAN President with the Jonathan family.

CAN President with the Jonathan family.


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