A Pakistani man was beaten by his two former ex-wives (sisters) for allegedly kidnapping and forcing their youngest sister into marrying him, local media reported on Thursday.

The beating took place outside a courtroom in Gujranwala, north-east of Punjab province in Pakistan, where the man, named Adnan was standing with his wife.

Just before the incident, Judge Mansoor Ahmed Khan, ruled in favor of the newly-weds and disposed of the appeal filed by the women’s father, Muhammad Riaz.

Riaz had claimed that the man kidnapped his youngest daughter, Anum, and forcibly married her.

However, the judge heard Anum’s statement, which contradicted her father’s, where she said she had married Adnan of her own free will.

Riaz and his two elder daughters tried to take Anum away from Adnan outside the courtroom after they failed to get her back.

After refusing to accompany them, the trio consequently beat Adnan with anything they could get their hands on, including a brick from a nearby construction site, witnesses told the newspaper.
Adnan managed to escape the assault with the help of both the police and his relatives. Imagine this guy o!


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