Nibiru’s Messenger?

An asteroid as large as 50m is headed towards Earth this evening. Not to worry sha, they’l be no impact so don’t get the Bruce Willis – Armageddon chills. Although, in future there will be times we’d have to device means of deflecting asteroids, so says one scientist that was interviewed on CNN. It will pass by the Earth on Friday at a distance of just 27,700km, this is the closest ever predicted for an object of that size. It will pass closer than the distance the Moon is at, even than the geosynchronous satellites that orbit the Earth, but there is no risk of collisions, so they tell us. ts closest approach will be 19:25 GMT. it will come from “under” the Earth and return back toward the Sun from “above”. It will pass over the eastern Indian Ocean, making for the best viewing in Eastern Europe, Asia and Australia. There’s a notion that it is these smaller, tens-to-hundreds of metres-sized objects that pose the greatest potential threat to Earth. And ofcourse, some people around the world are raising much dust about this. i don’t blame them, this is coming at a time when we are recovering from the Mayan dooms-day saga. Let’s all believe they’l be no impact with earth, but what about impacts with communication satellites? Scientists say the probability is ridiculously low but i am aware some things do happen even by very small chance. And if it does happen then we’ll have serious problems o. For one i go vex if my BB no work.


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