Logos or Symbols? (Part II)

The Vesica Piscis:
This ancient symbol is the shape formed by two interlocking circles and is part of sacred geometry. “Piscis” refers to the fact that the middle section resembles a fish (piscies). Its mystical meaning has always been shrouded in mystery but most agree that it is meant to represent the feminine principle – the “vulva of the Goddess”.
Early Christianity often represented Christ inside a Vesica Piscis, representing the womb of the Virgin and/or the gateway to the celestial world. We can see a typical use of the vesica on a masonic seal. Probably because of its association with sexuality, the vesica is used by clothing companies its also used by other brands. What is the point of inserting occult symbols in logos? Is it an arrogant display of power by the elite or a way to celebrate Mystery Religions? Esoteric scholars affirm that symbols have deep reaching magical effects on the masses. Considering the fact that members of occult societies like the Freemasons study Magic and the power of symbols, there is little doubt that many corporate logos apply this ancient knowledge. Some logos are even suspected to be sigils, symbols that have been magically charged to focus the subconscious to perform particular tasks. In other words, they’re more powerful than you think.

its clear to see that there are hundreds of logos all coincidentaly with similar logos to that of ancient occults and secret societies, its on money, buildings and as you can see the world is under some control. To sit and believe everything is fine might just be naive. But what’s the essence of these symbols in the open? Does it have any effect on us normal people? I can’t answer that.

a depiction of Jesus inside a Vesica Pisces.

a depiction of Jesus inside a Vesica Pisces.

logo for Channel

logo for Channel


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