Why skinny?

Hello, Please note that what you’re about to read will be partially disturbing but i dare say that i had to post it cos this is what blogging is about, saying your thoughts. And this blog is about expressing my views and not anyone’s. I appreciate your anticipated understanding.

So, has skinny faded as a fashion look or is it still making young ladies aspire to become living, breathing skeletons? Truly, a lady looking like a hanger for her attire shouldn’t be sexy to a man, a true African man i mean. Americans, yes. Europeans, maybe. Africans, no! A lady should be rotund, not having square shoulders with sharp edges but curved ones. There should be no angles just curves. You woudn’t want to be looking like Cruela De’vil of 101 Dalmatians would you?

But ofcourse, we do have a lot of males who fancy thin females. So this is only my idea of a lady. Please be aware that i’m not in any way trying to demean anyone here, I believe everyone is beautiful in there own way. Everyone’s made in God’s image. i’m probably looking at an ideal african image. I can’t even create an ant talk more a being. So, you’d ask, who am i to judge? I’m actually not judging, just relaying a thought. i must’ve pointed that out a million times already.

i lo..like skinny ladies. They are fun to look at..i mean be with. Most of them that i’ve been oppurtuned to relate with are lively and/or respectful. I just can’t date them.

Reasons being:
Firstly, I can’t be in a relationship with a chic whose body i can’t hide behind. Picture me behind a skinny chic for a photo shoot, it’l look like i’m holding a rake or something. I see ’em and i want to say “babe, let’s go grab a bite”.

Secondly, she has to take her clothes to a tailor for slim-fitting right after almost every purchase. That doesn’t seem right to me. This also means she won’t have tight fitting pants, unless maybe she wears that of her 10year old sister’s. I don’t think i like that.

Thirdly, she wouldn’t look so good in a traditional attire. You could argue this point but we’d have to settle for “just half as good as the thick chicks”.

And lastly, I don’t want a lady who looks like she had a thin layer of skin draped over her bones. Looking like she has only the Dermis part and no Epidermis.

{I hope with this few points of mine i have been able to convince you and not confuse you that skinny IS good…lol}

So, what brought about this write-up? I was watching some models with their robotic gaze and gait on Fashion TV… and before then I saw a TV show on young ladies aspiring to become supermodels. And i was apalled to learn that a major criteria was to be really thin, not just thin o, really thin. There were girls who avoided food and took nutrient pills instead, girls who regularly ingested laxatives, girls going extra lenght to look like they just left Somalia. Cute girls who would’ve been a lot cuter with more flesh on. A friend in the modelling industry tells me that about thesame thing is happening here in Nigeria too. And i’m like Ok o.


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