these adverts!

Ever notice that a number of ads are shot abroad, in other countries of africa with characters made to look and talk like Nigerians? These characters range from kids to adults. You see these ads and if you have an eye for such you’d immidiately notice the people and locations aren’t Nigerian.
Do our advert makers take us for fools like our government? Or is it a choice that the companies that market these products had to make? If its a management decision, then what exactly brought this trend on? I for one do not see any valid reason why an advert that should be indigenous will end up being shot in a Francophone (or any other) country for that matter using only one or no nigerian in all of the scenes having in mind that the targeted market is in Nigeria.
This people are being paid to put up this act and that is a form of Capital flight, is it not?
I’m not against making advert clips outside of one country for use in that country but making that clip and trying to make the foreign characters act like they are from that other country is the part that hasn’t gone down well with me.
Believe me, you can tell when a nigerian speaks and those folks that constantly appear on our TV screens during ads aren’t nigerians no matter how hard they try to act it. It is as obvious as Jonathan’s nose. Forcing a foreigner to speak our kind of pidgin or “nigerian english” is a sheer waste of time, resources and sometimes distasteful to viewers cos it isn’t funny to hear someone murder your tongue.
Is it that we don’t have good enough people who can better interprete these roles or what? Ini Edo ran over cars Shaolin-style and Saint Obi had to wear a superhero costume for goodness sake! That’s how versatile we can get.
Now, Location. Is it that there are no ‘fine’ or suitable places in the entire span of the country where a decent advert can be shot? You watch an ad, you notice a street or area that no way can be a typical street anywhere in our dear country. From the design of the stalls, houses, type of cars and the general ‘un-nigerianness’ of the environment in the background. I haven’t been to all the nooks and crannies in Nigeria but you’l agree with me that i’m sorta right. They even go through the pain of painting cars yellow with black stripes to give the appearance of a Lagos Taxi. Some go further by fixing naija plate numbers. In one ad i saw the semblance of lagos traffic complete with hawkers, okadas and BRT as well (and that is not to say other countries don’t have mass transit buses). Just to give it that lagos city feel.

So, someone, anyone, please help us ask them why we are being forced to watch mediocre acts on our TV while being expected to buy their products. Me, i’m not xenophobic o! Its just my view.


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