The bridge with A/C

Were you aware in 2012, when the Ogun State Government announced its plan to construct the first pedestrian bridge in Abeokuta, the state capital? Governor Ibikunle Amosun said the pedestrian bridge will be air-conditioned.
Well, It is completed now. Its fine abi? The bridge is built around the famous Ibara roundabout of the ancient town, and is expected to reduce traffic congestion and accidents at the ever busy junction. It was opened along with the opening of the four-lane overhead bridge which begins at the end of Lalubu Road and opens into the elaborate, international standard six-lane Ibara-Totoro Road, which is complete with modern features such as drains, median, greenbelt, walkway, street lights, modern bus-stop and ofcourse, the “a/c bridge”. This bridge(pedestrian) in Ogun state is said to be the first air conditioned bridge in the nation, quite a fit eh? Can’t recall now but i believe there was news of one in Lagos some years back. Anyway, I hear its because he saw a bridge with a/c in Dubia that’s why he “vex and do his own”. I wouldn’t know about that though. Why this? Why now? To me its a good innovation coming at a wrong time. Why don’t we develop like Dubai before doing such? What’s the essence? Miscreants will only take over the place after a short while. But before then, at least it would serve as a “cool spot” to pedestrians. But on closer look at the above photo one would notice that the road itself isn’t a particularly busy one and there are even fewer pedestrians. Maybe its for the hawkers to cool off.

the wonder bridge

the wonder bridge


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